Breakfast For Renal Diet: Made Simple

Simple Breakfast Ideas

Kidney Friendly Breakfast

Are you struggling or running out of ideas on what to eat for breakfast? Are you starting your day super duper early “at the crack of dawn” to go to work or going for your first shift treatment for dialysis? 

Most people do not have enough appetite or feel hungry enough in the early morning. But as a Registered Dietitian, I know the importance of breakfast as that first meal before starting the day (yes, even when your clock says 4:00 AM!), most of the time, and this is the time when you start your dialysis treatment.

Have you been instructed to limit your phosphorus intake while increasing your protein and still limiting salt? You often think, “UFF” there are not many options I can have! Most importantly, who has the time to prepare!

Below you will find renal friendly breakfast food that is easy to make (some you can make ahead of time) that is low phosphorus, low sodium, includes dairy alternatives and added protein included.

Let’s crack em!

Why eat breakfast? 

It’s the fuel of your body. 60-97% of Dialysis patients may experience an intense feeling of tiredness or fatigue (1). Many patients also experience sudden changes in their BS and BP (blood sugar and blood pressure). The goal of eating breakfast is to prevent these changes and to avoid feeling famished or starving while you get your treatment.

What are the dietary restrictions in renal diet?

  • Limiting phosphorus
  • Low in sodium (salt) consumption
  • Manageable potassium 
  • High in protein

Here are your BEST BET renal friendly breakfast foods:

Low-phosphorus ready to eat food options. 

This includes cold cereals, bread or sandwiches and fruits. Let’s dig deeper. What are the low phosphorus cereals? Here are a few examples: Chex, Cheerios and Kellogs. Remember to always check on nutrition labels and the SERVING size. Your PHOSphorus content on the label should be < 150 mg or <15% DV. You can have them as a snack (dry) or with 2% milk or other milk alternatives such as unflavored oat milk or soy milk. Keep it to 4oz liquid on the milk. 

Your GO-TO bread or sandwich options can include an egg salad sandwich, a tuna salad sandwich, PB&J sandwich on a white bread or Bagel with cream cheese. YAS, you read that right… Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and Bagel with cream cheese! Keep it to a 1 teaspoon serving of PB&J or cream cheese on  the sandwich and this can be your kidney friendly breakfast option.

And lastly 1 serving of fruit such as a small apple, Mixed fruit cups (preferably with no- added sugar), or a cup of applesauce is sufficient compared to nothing at all. Keep in mind to check nutrition labels and always OPT-IN for the low sodium, no added sugar as you can.

Easy and Fast Breakfast Ideas: Renal Friendly

And if you have a few minutes to spare (meaning 10 minutes or so), or you are like me, a speedy-Gonzalez type of cook, you can try a cook a few simple and fast breakfast such as: Oatmeal with berries and almonds, Scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes, or a Breakfast Burrito wrap with low sodium turkey, mushrooms and egg. Check out my Instagram @gizibyshinta for some recipes and preparation tips.

Fluid Management: The Importance of Fluid for renal patient

Your beverage of choice matters and I can’t stress it enough. Limiting high sugary beverages, sticking with water, herbal teas, and decaf coffee are safe options to go with. Whether your doctor advises you to limit your fluid intake to 1 liter per day to 1.5 or 2 liters per day, you always want to be aware of keeping track of how much you drink in the morning. There is a full day ahead, and you want to spread out your fluid allowance. 

What happens when you drink too much water? 

When you are on a renal diet, that means when your kidney doesn’t work so well. Your body tends to hold the fluids in you, and just like a balloon, it will swell as water comes in, and it will cause a pressure to your body, including your heart, causing difficulty to breath and a change in heart-rhythm. 

To recap, it is important to follow a renal friendly breakfast for your kidney.. Following these simple breakfast ideas, that are low in phosphorus, ready to eat, or easy to prepare and to be mindful of your fluid intake in the morning gives you a head start to a good day full of energy. 

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