I am currently volunteering in the nutrition department in Mount Sinai Queens hospital where I shadow dietitians and analyze their nutrition productivity reports from anywhere between 500 to 600 patients in a single day. From this experience, I have gained extensive knowledge on various medical terminologies, and have learned how to perform a Nutrition Focused Physical Exam (NFPE).

At private practice nutritionist office Forest Hills Wellness I volunteer and do tasks such as:

  • Gather and review nutrition information from clients prior to their appointments, including food diaries, menu plans and laboratory results. 
  • Learn electronic charting.
  • Schedule initial and follow up appointments.
  • Design marketing materials.


1370 Broadway, 5th floor (west 36 and west 37th Street)NY NY 10018

LIfeways Nutrition Obesity, binge eating disorders  and medical nutrition practice in spring 2019.   I have the opportunity to learn how to best treat moderate to severely overweight patients.  The behavioral component of the treatment program along with the use of, a compact scale to easily measure out normal portions and balanced meals, and behavioral guidance on training patients to eat at the right rate  together results in both a physiological change and a behavioral change which leads to long term weight control.

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