Undergraduate Projects

FNES 106 – Introduction to Family and Consumer Sciences


“This is Me!” Short Photo Story about Myself & My Major

FNES 337 – Nutrition Counseling & Education

Red Light Green Light Nutrition Lesson Plan

Learn the three We Can! food categories (GO, SLOW, and WHOA) and how to recognize foods that are the better choices for a healthy body.

FNES 203 – Meal Planning & Management

Food Truck Slideshow Showcase

Creating slideshow presentation for Food Showcase FNES 203 class to showcase our class recipes, food and cooking style.

FNES 260 – Research Methods in Nutrition

Research Presentation – Intervention Design

The study demonstrated that a simple program of instruction and support leads to effective significant improvements in diabetes management. This method really helpful in research that is much needed on the application of nutritional interventions to prevent diabetes complication.
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