Community Rotation

I started my community rotation when COVID-19 pandemic starts. I spent most of my rotation virtually from home. To show a support to all of our frontline workers, I’ve created a picture collage as part of the Sodexo Thank You campaign, dedicated to all the heroes out there. With the help of my lovely nephews and nieces from all over the world, we all THANK YOU.

For my community presentation, I did it all online through ZOOM meetings. For children community presentation, I created a video Carbohydrate Counting for children with type 1 diabetes. For my adult community presentation, I did a 60 minute video presentation on food safety. For my senior community presentation, I did a video presentation on healthy living.

I visited second harvest of the big bend and developed a one day menu using food donated by second harvest to complete menu for food insecure population assignment.

I’ve completed 2 WIC training modules to fulfill the requirements of gaining skills in the area of Maternal-child heath.

Using Microsoft team platform, I learned about the overview of the USDA School Meals program that include National School Lunch program, and Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program offered in Florida District.

I wrote a letter to congressman Neal Dunn, Florida 2nd District representative to vote in favor of the Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act (H.R. 6379). This bill supported whole community in response to coronavirus. In Florida, Leon County ranked 4th highest food insecure county out of 67 counties. Feeding estimated 41% of children in Leon County likely ineligible for federal nutrition assistant programs, this includes SNAP (incomes above 185% of poverty). The bill will value SNAP allotments benefit by effectively rounding to the nearest dollar increment, from $16 to $30.

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